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Evidence based practice

Research Rocks!

DESC Reading groups 2017

Impact Evaluation- Is what we’re doing working?

“Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted” Albert Einstein Continue reading “Impact Evaluation- Is what we’re doing working?”

Reading groups 2016…it’s a wrap!

Yesterday saw the conclusion of our three staff reading groups at DESC. 40 staff have been Continue reading “Reading groups 2016…it’s a wrap!”

15 Blogposts for 2015! #15for2015

It’s been a lively 2015, so much to reflect on and a thanks from me to the following bloggers for Continue reading “15 Blogposts for 2015! #15for2015”


DESC Staff Reading Group Meetings-

Autumn Term

Continue reading “DESC BOOK BUDDIES 2015-16”

‘5 weeks….5 books’ Part 3: Measuring up!

Teaching to the test can be good or bad: good if it means teaching a focused and aligned curriculum; bad if it reduces instruction to the memorisation of test items. (Baker 2004)

Continue reading “‘5 weeks….5 books’ Part 3: Measuring up!”

‘5 weeks….5 books’ Part 2: Teaching for effective learning

5 weeks, 5 books….

Been in blogging hibernation recently, not for any particular reason, other than the demands of a full teaching timetable. Those who do manage to blog with such inimitable frequency, I take Continue reading “5 weeks, 5 books….”

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