On Saturday 28th January 2017 English teachers from across Dubai got together at #SPARKenglish to collaborate, explore and share best practice!

A HUGE thank you to Sunmarke school in Dubai for hosting the event and to the staff at DESC and Sunmarke for presenting!


You can find the presentations resources below:

  1. Rachael Edgar DESC- Introduction   lead-co-ordinator-presentation-spark1
  2. Louise Ford DESC- SWEATY spark-sweaty-jan-2017
  3. Gregory Anderson DESC- Analysing context spark-presentation-context-gregory-anderson-28th-january-2017-1
  4. James Cross Sunmarke- Developing speaking and listening through competition competition-in-the-classroom
  5. Rachael Edgar DESC- Get your SWAG on swag-spark
  6. Carol Webb Sunmarke- How to make a learning mat 
  7. Gina Pearson DESC- The importance of reading reading-presentation
  8. Rachael Edgar DESC- #TEAMenglish teamenglish