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Strategies for a THINKING classroom

In a thinking classroom, the development of enquiry, reflection and critical thinking skills is the Continue reading “Strategies for a THINKING classroom”

Reading groups 2016…it’s a wrap!

Yesterday saw the conclusion of our three staff reading groups at DESC. 40 staff have been Continue reading “Reading groups 2016…it’s a wrap!”

Presentation materials-SPARK presents Dubai Lead Meet Tuesday 1st March 2016

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15 Blogposts for 2015! #15for2015

It’s been a lively 2015, so much to reflect on and a thanks from me to the following bloggers for Continue reading “15 Blogposts for 2015! #15for2015”

Willy Wonka and the DESC Factor: Being THANKFUL!

X factor


1. a noteworthy special talent or quality.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!  Continue reading “Willy Wonka and the DESC Factor: Being THANKFUL!”


DESC Staff Reading Group Meetings-

Autumn Term

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The rules are there ain’t no rules! Trying to be a “better” English teacher…

“The rules are there ain’t no rules” Grease 1978

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SPARK @ KHDA #WWDubai 2015-16

Monday 28th September 2015- Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Academy, Dubai, UAE

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Teacher well-being: Why Dubai is leading the way!

SEVEN ways to use FOUR to GROW!

Teaching like it’s 2099! 4 to Grow: Technology

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 11.57.07

“If there’s one thing that educators need to understand, it’s that you can neither understand nor solve problems just within the context and bright lines of subject content. Learning to be an innovator is about learning to cross disciplinary boundaries and exploring problems and their solutions from multiple perspectives.”

Director of Talent at Google inc

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