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December 2014

14 Blogposts for 2014! #14for2014

As the year draws to a close, thought I would share some of my favourite edu blogposts of 2014! #14for2014 Continue reading “14 Blogposts for 2014! #14for2014”

Assessment after levels- In search of the holy grail….

Life without levels: with opportunity comes responsibility @DrDanNicholls Continue reading “Assessment after levels- In search of the holy grail….”

DESC #BookBuddies Meeting One- Make it stick!

The books have arrived….(finally!), delighted to┬áhave DESC’s staff book club up and running! We currently have 3 book groups that will run parallel to each other. The chosen books for our first Continue reading “DESC #BookBuddies Meeting One- Make it stick!”

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