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Teaching Tip: LOVE this! Take your students on a plane journey of learning! Thankyou to @gemmaharvey73 for this


T&L Tips from Shaun Allison and his excellent blog
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Loads of fab ideas in this blog post!

Also constructing meaningful and relevant learning objectives by Zoe Elder, Ross Wickens and David Didau via Jon Tait
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Lastly try….


How It Works

Pupils write a sentence about what they have learnt during the lesson, this can be any length (encourage them to write a reasonable length). They then pick out the 5 words they think are the most important, then reduce to the 4 most important, then 3, then 2, then 1. This should be the most important word to do with what they have learnt, (will probably be a keyword).

Pupils then to discuss in pairs or small groups as to why they made their choices.

Pupils could say which was the word they choose and why?
remind students of sentence types- topic introducers/connectives and so on.


Younger pupils could do this with appropriate pictures,or by providing scissors so they can cut the words out.
(Thanks to @ASTsupportAALI for this)

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