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Presentation materials-SPARK presents Dubai Lead Meet Tuesday 1st March 2016

Continue reading “Presentation materials-SPARK presents Dubai Lead Meet Tuesday 1st March 2016”

14 Blogposts for 2014! #14for2014

As the year draws to a close, thought I would share some of my favourite edu blogposts of 2014! #14for2014 Continue reading “14 Blogposts for 2014! #14for2014”

If you can’t stand the research, get out of the classroom……

Research like a schools need ‘research leads’?

“It is evidence that will liberate the teaching profession from (its) shackles.”

(Nick Gibb Research Ed conference, London, 6th September 2014) Continue reading “If you can’t stand the research, get out of the classroom……”

SPARK @ KHDA #WWDubai 2014-2015


Monday 29th September 2014 at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical Academy, Healthcare city, Dubai, UAE Continue reading “SPARK @ KHDA #WWDubai 2014-2015”

CPD @SRS_Dubai December 2013 January 2014

Reflections on 2013 #Nurture1314

First of all ‘Happy Holidays’! Thought I would make my contribution to #nurture1314 on what has been quite an eventful 2013! As the year draws to a close I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect on my teaching highlights and achievements from my first full year teaching in Dubai Continue reading “Reflections on 2013 #Nurture1314”

SRS hosts #SPARKuae Saturday October 26th 2013!

A Guide to education blogging

Teaching & Learning Hub meetings One and Two 16/9/13 & 11/11/13

SRS Teaching and Learning Hubs 2013-2014

In this post I outline plans for all our staff to engage in some action based research next year as part of our Teaching and Learning Hubs. Dylan Wiliam has long advocated Teaching and Learning communities and Teacher led CPD as a more effective way of furthering staff Continue reading “SRS Teaching and Learning Hubs 2013-2014”

Part 2 (of 2) Great Learning: What are the ‘important things’ that make learning ‘GREAT’?

Part 1(of 2) Great Learning: 3 qualities that separate the best from the rest..

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