Creative Classrooms (Nov 27th 2013) Rachael Edgar & John Harris

Creative Classrooms

Creative classrooms resources

Link to Amjad Ali’s T&L Toolkit

Making Progress Explicit (Dec 17th 2013 & Jan 14th 2014) Rachael Edgar

Towards outstanding learning



Talk for writing (Jan 6th & Jan 13th 2014) Stephanie Trueman

Talk for Writing

Developing our students as learners  (Jan 13th 2014) Rachael Edgar

SRS Developing our students learning skills Rachael Edgar

SRS Talk Toolkit  via @Mike_Gershon

The_Effective_Group_Work_Toolkit via @Mike_Gershon

Classroom Talk staff training booklet

Link to Mike Gershon’s T&L resources on TES

Towards outstanding learning (Jan 22nd 2014) Rachael Edgar

Towards outstanding learning G2O programme

Part One: What separates the best from the rest?

Part Two: What are the important things that make learning great?

outstanding-teaching-and-learning-leadinglearner via @leadinglearner

Adopting a lesson study approach (Jan 29th 2014) Rachael Edgar