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Today my school, the School of Research Science hosted its first Teach Meet and the biggest #SPARKuae event so far, over 250 educators from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Doha and even the UK gathered at Heriot Watt University for a fantastic CPD extravaganza!

It was humbling and inspiring to see so many people willing to give up their free time on a Saturday morning in order to collaborate and share best practice with others.

We also had lots of fun as a few teachers were ‘persuaded’ to show us their dance moves to the YMCA on stage….I am now officially making dancing compulsory for all CPD sessions at SRS!

There were over 20 presentations and as promised I include in this post a link to them all! Thanks to all who attended and presented, to share in your positivity and enthusiasm made all the hard work in organising the event worthwhile.

If you attended could you give some feedback here..

SRS SPARK feedback

Please check the SPARK website for updates on future events.

Rachael Edgar



1. Rachael Edgar @Dubai_Teachmeet ‘Using Twitter for Professional Development’

Using Twitter for Professional Development Rachael Edgar

2. Aimee Wilcox @A1meeWilcox ‘Helping children to be helpless’

Helping children to be helpless

3. Damien Marshall @DamienMarshall11 ‘Using Ipads in the classroom’

Using Ipads in the classroom

4. Fraser Angus @fnfraser ‘Talk in the writing process’

Talk in the writing process

5. Rachel Green @raegreen70 ‘Listening to my learning mentor’

Rachel Green Listening to my learning mentor

6. Claire McWilliams @Claire_SRS ‘Challenge for all’

Challenge for all

7. Jennifer Murray @MissJGM ‘Lend me your Literacy’

Jenny murray LMYL for Spark

8. Ania Sikora @Aniasikora ‘A picture can paint a thousand numbers’

Can a Picture Paint a 1000 Numbers

9. Mike Pugsley @MrMPugsley ‘Working smarter not harder Google Drive’

Working smarter not harder Google Drive

10. Clemy Fernandes ‘Reflective practice and professional autonomy’

Professional Autonomy for SPARK Clemy Fernandes

11. Mark Barrington @mb_teach ‘Be organised with evernote’

Be organised with Evernote

12. Jon Bland @jblanddubai8 ‘What’s the motto for you’

Jon Bland Whats the motto for you

13. Ed Mosely @mrmozely ‘Class Dojo’

Class Dojo

14. Mohammad Salameh @mkms1000 ‘Socrative’

Socrative Mohammad Salameh

15. Gilly Brunton @Innergise ‘Enhancing academic success through healthy schools’

Gillian Brunton

16. Ciaran Kelly ‘VAK attack’

VAK attack

17. Carla Shanley @Carla_Shanley ‘Blended learning’

Blended Learning (1)

18. Jon Tait @TeamTait ‘Using Skype in the classroom’

Using Skype in the classroom

19. Neal Oates @DBSNotices ‘Zondle: Learning through gaming’

NOA DBS Zondle

20. Neal Oates @DBSNotices ‘Digital book marking’

NOA Digital Book Marking

21. Ian Plant @TSPSkeystage4 ‘Time coding analysis to improve lesson observation’

Time Coding Analysis – Ian PlantTSPS

22. Rachael Edgar @Dubai_Teachmeet ‘Poundland Pedagogy’

poundland pedagogy


Who said teachers cant dance??!!


SRS boys learning with a smile 🙂


OUSTANDING in Year One via Claire McWilliams


Aimee Wilcox on helping children to be helpless


Rachel green listening to your learning mentor


Ed Mosely showing us how it’s done with Class Dojo!