KS3 Humanities Curriculum Map overview

KS3 Humanities Curriculum Map

National Curriculum Levels

Geography Levels of achievement

History National Curriculum Levels

Homework Projects- Autumn Term

Year 7

Year 7 Hwk Project 1 My backyard

Year 8

Year 8 Hwk Project 1 Fashion Industry

Year 9

Year 9 Hwk Project 1 Good Vibrations

Year 9 Hwk Project World War One

Homework Projects- Spring term

Year 7

year-7-homework-Revolting Peasants

Year 8

Year 8 Homework Victorians

Support sheet Lousy_Living_Conditions

Year 9

Year 9 Homework World War Two

Support sheet Sources Home Front

Year 9 IT Task- End of World War One

ICT Task instructions

Why did ww1 end jigsaw

Homework Projects- Summer Term

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

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