My new Year 10 History GCSE group have made a fantastic start to their studies!! We have spent the first few weeks of term looking at the origins of the Cold War.

I’m a huge fan of mind mapping as a method for organising your thoughts, connecting difficult concepts together and as a way of visualising the big picture. I have also been wanting to try using SOLO Taxonomy to extend my student’s thinking.

The task was for students to write on as many post it notes as they could a keyword, phrase, person, event, quote from everything we had studied on the Cold War so far. They then had to use the strips of card to link what was on the post it notes together. When they had made a link they then needed to explain by writing on the card, how these different concepts were connected.

Not an easy task for students studying a quite complex period in History, but as you can see they did a wonderful job!


Rachael Edgar