A message to all UK curriculum schools in Dubai

I wholeheartedly believe that no teacher or school should work in isolation of any other. I am aware that within Dubai there are already fantastic opportunities for staff to share best practice. At The School of Research Science (SRS) we always support and encourage staff involvement in the BSME CPD programme, KHDA’s WWDubai and are very excited by our forthcoming involvement in the SPARK ‘Teach Meet’ events. We also have some very exciting international links with other schools.

As someone with a Senior responsibility for Teaching and Learning, I have a real passion for staff development. Myself and the rest of the Senior Leadership Team want every single member of our teaching staff to benefit from and form a partnership with other teachers in Dubai. Therefore we would like to establish a close network (cluster) of 3-5 schools within Dubai to work in a formal partnership with SRS.

These schools would work in close collaboration with each other, in providing high quality continuing professional development, for the purpose of school improvement.

We would like, initially, for these schools to share a training day with each other in early December 2013. On that day all the Maths teachers will be together, the History teachers, year one teachers..etc etc with all cluster schools involved in hosting. The impact being every single teacher within the DTLP partnership has an opportunity to benefit from sharing best practice. This in turn improves the overall quality of education for the students within the partnership.

Our Teaching and Learning is already more than good enough but even the best can get better and we feel that we should continue to strive for providing the best learning experiences possible for the students within our care.

In the future we would like to see the partnership develop so that teachers from the partnership schools observe each other, team teach and jointly engage in action research projects in search of innovation. A DTLP dropbox? #DTLPchat on Twitter? The possibilities are endless….

If you are reading this and think your school would be interested in being a part of DTLP contact me at rachael.e@srs.ae. I will be presenting this idea, amongst other things, at the forthcoming SPARK event at Dubai College on June 1st

Please read the rationale for the partnership below.

DTLP Rationale 2013DTLP- Rationale 2013

#sharingiscaring 🙂

Rachael Edgar