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Planning for CPD provision

Competing with the very best! It’s a PISA cake!

International Benchmarking 2015 2020 – An overview

Centre on International education benchmarking Continue reading “Competing with the very best! It’s a PISA cake!”

Team Synergy: Doing inter-disciplinary learning right!


The Butterfly Effect: The effect of a very small change in the initial conditions of a system which makes a significant difference to the outcome (Sir Tim Brighouse) Continue reading “Team Synergy: Doing inter-disciplinary learning right!”

Solid leadership part one: Principals with principles….

Make it stick: Learning better and remembering longer..

Inclusivity, challenge and Austin’s butterfly….

If you want the elephant to grow, feed it, dont weigh it….

Reflections on 2013 #Nurture1314

First of all ‘Happy Holidays’! Thought I would make my contribution to #nurture1314 on what has been quite an eventful 2013! As the year draws to a close I’m going to take this opportunity to reflect on my teaching highlights and achievements from my first full year teaching in Dubai Continue reading “Reflections on 2013 #Nurture1314”

Part 2 (of 2) Great Learning: What are the ‘important things’ that make learning ‘GREAT’?

Part 1(of 2) Great Learning: 3 qualities that separate the best from the rest..

Top 40: Highly Effective School Leadership

Having spent a bit of time creating documents for a ‘Leadership Handbook’ that myself and other colleagues put together for academic year 2013-14. It really got me thinking about what makes a highly effective school leader. As always I sought much inspiration from the #Twitteratti and thought I would gather together a selections of the best blog posts I have read on this subject, for the purpose of sharing with other leaders in my school. This is my top no particular order.. Continue reading “Top 40: Highly Effective School Leadership”

Why Teach Meets ROCK!

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