Having spent a bit of time creating documents for a ‘Leadership Handbook’ that myself and other colleagues put together for academic year 2013-14. It really got me thinking about what makes a highly effective school leader. As always I sought much inspiration from the #Twitteratti and thought I would gather together a selections of the best blog posts I have read on this subject, for the purpose of sharing with other leaders in my school. This is my top 40..in no particular order..


What makes great school leadership? via @joe_kirby

Seven levers of highly effective school leaders via @joe_kirby

How do I know how good my teachers are? via @headguruteacher

This much I know about….growing great teachers via @johntomsett

This much I know about….developing leadership and shaping the SLT via @johntomsett

Vision 2040: Learners at the centre III via @leadinglearner

What should we look for in senior leaders? via @leadinglearner

Building a trust culture, it’s not all hugs via @headguruteacher

From plantation thinking to rainforest thinking via @headguruteacher

Creating the conditions for great teachers to thrive via @headguruteacher

Leading 21c Learning via @headguruteacher

‘Doing’ line management as a member of SLT via @kevbartle

Leading a learning community from the middle.. via @dubai_teachmeet

How can schools create a vibrant staff culture? via @Joe_Kirby

What makes a great school? via @AndyBuck

Ten Commandments of school leaders via @KevBartle

How all of us will improve our teaching and so make our school a truly great school via @johntomsett

New Headship: Principles, people, priorities. via @headguruteacher

RIP school CPD via @MissDCox

How would you lead Teaching and Learning? via @TeacherToolkit

20 ways to get involved with your school’s teaching and learning via @Davidfawcett27

Principles of professional learning via @TomBoulter

For those among you considering senior leadership via @hibs1974

Them and us via @ChocoTzar

Teaching :leading learning via @chrishildrew

When everything you have been told about teaching is wrong and what to do about it via @learningspy

Continuing professional delight via @wellingtonUK

An inconvenient truth via @learningspy

Keeping up with Ofsted’s goalposts What SLT should do? via @headguruteacher

Leadership lessons part 1 via @ssgill76

Leadership: To infinity and beyond via George Gilchrist school

Developing a strong learning culture in the face of adversity via @TeacherTweaks

Developing CPD as a whole school (growth) state of mind via @deadshelley

Securing headship as a member of SLT via @Kevbartle

Reclaiming our profession: Getting teachers better (via Profcoe)

How can we develop the world’s best teachers? (via @informed_edu)

Why does so much CPD lead to so little change (via @informed_edu)

Lessons from KEGS (via @headguruteacher)

Why should I follow you? (via @passionateaboot)

Last but not least managing workload and organisation via @chrishildrew



Final thought…..this serves as an outline for how we have tackled our action based research with our Teaching and Learning Hubs 2013-2014

By Rachael Edgar