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Having viewed lots of exciting posts on Twitter and Isabella Wallace’s book ‘Pimp your lesson’, I thought I would have a little dabble in #poundlandpedagogy.

Walking through Carrefour I spotted a Velcro dart boad, so armed with that and a Reflection mat I adapted off Danielle, a colleague in English, I designed the ‘Reflection Bullseye’.

How it works
Useful as a plenary or to reflect on learning at any point during a lesson, a student throws a dart or ball at the dartboard. The number it lands closest to corresponds to a Reflection mat question. Each student/ table can have a copy of the mat or project it onto the whiteboard.
3 darts…3 questions to reflect on learning..

Obvious link to numeracy across the curriculum
Numbers could link to specific questions about the elarning that day
More dartboards=group targeting each other with questions

Toy Dartboard
Click here for REFLECTION MAT

Reflection mat