Hi all,

First Teaching and Learning Tip today sent to me by our Deputy Head in Primary Rachel @raegreen70 . It is from the TES resources Blog, designed to showcase the very best T&L resources form the TES Connect site.
We all know how important the starts to lessons are, if we get it wrong then we may face an uphill battle…get it right and we have a class eager to learn..this blog contains some excellent strategies for getting your lesson off to a great start! Thank you Rachel for the contribution

How to get your lesson off to a great start.

Next on my list a matter very close to my heart..trendy progressive teaching v chalk and talk. Do we really need to talk less? This brilliant blog by David Didau @learningspy Teacher Talk: The missing link has all the answers and has given me much food for thought!
There are also links to other great Blog posts by David ‘Whats deep learning and how do you do it’ and ‘Why arent we supposed to teach anymore?’

Finally for this week..all those out there either new or existing Middle/Senior leadership or aspiring to it, this one is for you….a great Blog post by @headstmarys a Headteacher of a Catholic school in Blackpool.

What kind of leaders do you want?

More next week 🙂